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This is not a blog. This is not a journal, a diary, a news report or anything of the such. I mean, I can't even promise that this will be updated. I don't know if its worth reading, I don't know if its of any meaning of all. What I present to you here is nothing but the thoughts that pervade my everyday life (cue the jokes  that will arise should I leave this page empty...). For this reason, things aren't gonna make sense and I can't really be certain of all the facts - I'm sure I'll be contradictory, and I'm sure that it'll be convoluted. Of course, you'll disagree and of course I'll be open to criticism. Just as if I were to voice these thoughts to you in person. 

The idea, I guess, is to put on this page the thoughts that I'd be pissed to have disappear if I were to die tomorrow. How can I best preserve the thoughts in my head so that other people can interpret them? How can I get it all out there without actually having the time to get it out there? Even if no one's listening, I mean it might as well be out there, right? 

So, here it is - the contradicting, convicted and convoluted thoughts that I hold dear. I hope that reading these helps you to wrap your mind around the thoughts within yours.

                                                                                                                                               - Adam, Dec 2020.

Update, February 2023: Sorry folks - have completely neglected this page lately. Writing takes time! And time, for the time being, has been better spent on schoolwork. Much, much more to come in forthcoming months and years.

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