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and, Everyday?

Everyone wakes up.

Everyone goes to sleep.

It’s the seven-million moments in between that leave you wondering.

What do I do? What do I HAVE to do? What’s first… where’s the coffee? Where's the fire? All valid questions as you move through the moonlit paths of the day.

Beyond what to do, we’re left thinking what to not do. It’s all too easy to fill seven-million moments with eight-million pointlessness-es, and it’s all too important to remember to do what’s really important. And we need to keep track of these things – this is what they don’t tell you!!

Well, here’s where I say what I think to be the most important thing to do… and (likely) here’s where you tell me I’m wrong.

Be thankful.

That’s it – be thankful. Here’s the A+, ultimate-all important thing to do as the minutes wind down after each day of your life. Two words. Be. Thankful. These are seven-million free moments, that seven-trillion people prior haven’t had the luxury of having. Emphasis on the word free – because imagine a world in which we didn’t have the option to choose how to spend our moments? Whether you conquered your world or conquered your chores, that’s seven-million moments you can pack away in your moment-bank.


Quotes of all-time: Self-reflection is the most important aspect of a well-lived life. Constant self-reflection, constant reworking of the image that you are actively creating of yourself inside of your head. From what you did during the day to what you plan on doing in fifty years, reflection is the only way to maintain consistency along the plotline of your life. What are your dreams? How did you push yourself closer to them today? How will you push them even further tomorrow? ARE they still even your dreams? So much can change in a day, and its absolutely fundamentally important to check in with yourself daily.

What did I waste?

Because everyone needs a kick in the ass at the end of the everyday. Everyone can improve, and everyone should strive towards it. Quote of all-time #2: The devil lies in stagnancy, and apathy does hurt. If you’re not on yourself to improve, then no one will be. And you really need to be on yourself – fight your brain’s natural tendency to keep you in the safe zone. Don’t forget the all-important rule though – it’s okay to waste some time, some of the time.


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