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This is not a blog. This is not a journal, a diary, a news report or anything of the such. I mean, I can't even promise that this will be updated. I don't know if its worth reading, I don't know if its of any meaning of all. What I present to you here is an online, free-access-to-all entrance into my mind... into the thoughts that pervade my everyday life. For this reason, things aren't gonna make sense - I'm sure I'll be contradictory, and I'm sure that it'll be convoluted. Of course, you'll disagree and of course I'll be open to criticism. Just asif I were to voice these thoughts to you in person. Change my mind, change your mind... change the world's mind. That's what it's all about. Perspectives, right?

The idea is that if I were to die tomorrow, what would I wished I had have said. How can I best preserve the thoughts in my head (and I promise, they're unique ones) so that other people can interpret them? How can I get it all out there without the time to get it out there? Even if no one's listening, I want it to be out there. Just in case.

So, here it is - the contradicting, convicted and convoluted thoughts that I hold dear. I hope that reading these helps you to wrap your mind around the thoughts within yours.

Note; Please, please bear with me as I update this page over the next little while. Check back for updates!

                                                                                                                                               - Adam, Jan. 2020.

1. What's the purpose of life?

2. Towards the importance of daily activities

3. On Kindness, interpersonality, gratitude

4. Latching on to modernity

5. Reconciling God with Science

6. Schedules, time and the stress of an hour

7. Life as the most amazing thing in the world.

8. On Controversial thoughts and climate change

9. Importance of "time chunking"

10. Importance of family

11. Friends as memory-machines

12. Flexibility and "non black whitishness" of modernity

13. Anybody can be an angel

14. Holidays

15. A positive outlook on death

16. Confidence as the key to life

17. Anyone can paint, anyone can make art

18. Bet on yourself! You are your biggest cheerleader

19. Imagining a future society

20. Poetry Archives

21. The beauty of every moment

22. Fortune cookies and finding solace in faith

23. Navigating the modern world

24. Vocations

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