No reviews, no comments, just names. Because if you want to know what a movie's about, you go in blind and take from it what you take from it. That being said, I didn't put them here because I think they're garbage..

- Mr Nobody

- The Game

- The Fountain

- The Science of Sleep

- Last Lovers Alive

- Sin City

- The Departed

- Eternal Sunshine

- Forrest Gump

- Casablanca

     Favourite directors..

- Wes Anderson

- Gaspar Noe

- Charlie Kaufman

- Woody Allen

- Dark City

- Go

- Spun

- 2:37

- The Man from Earth

- Moon

- Any movie where there's talking animals

    (similarly, any movie where there's                     animated talking animals)

  & any Christmas movie in December

      To probably watch with caution...

- Man Bites Dog

- Antichrist

- Where the dead go to die

- August Underground series

- Martyrs

- A l'interieur

- Grotesque

- Enter the Void